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关于李白的英语作文?My favorite poet is Li Bai.我最喜欢的诗人是李白。Li Bai has a legendary life, and his life can be summed up in one sentence: a poem, a pot of wine, a Long song, and a sword!李白有着传奇的一生,那么,关于李白的英语作文?一起来了解一下吧。



Li Bai is China's Tang Dynasty poet, was born in 701 BC, rich imagination, has created a lot of works, known as the "great poet". His poems of the poets have a significant impact, and Li Bai is quite a flavor characteristics of the poet, you can have a look there his works, feeling his poetic flavor.


1、Li Bai (ca 705 - 762), also called Li Po, is probably China's most famous poet. A great deal has been written about him. This commentary focuses on his connection to the qin. In this regard Ronald Egan writes (Controversy, p.53), "In the first centuries of the Tang dynasty, the poets Meng Haoran and Li Bo further promoted the cultivation of a special literati affiliation with this instrument." 2Li Bai(701-762) is regarded as the greatest romantic poet of the Tang dynasty(618-907) and of China of all times.Born in Central Asia,as it is believed,he moved with his family to Sichuan at the age of five.In 725,he traveled down the Changjiang(Yangzi) River when he wrote The Moon over the Eyebrow Mountains and Farewell beyond the Thorn-Gate Gorge,in which both the moon and water are personified.and which reveal his deep love of nature as well as of his native land.In 727,he was married to the granddaughter of an ex-minister Xu.In 730,he came to Chang'an,the Tang capital,in the hope of meeting people of influence who would help him to realize his poltical ideal.Disappointed,he wrote Lovesickness in which he compared his yearning to the love for a woman.Hard Is the Way of the World and Hard Is the Road to Shu which is supposed to be his most important work in the first period of his verse-making.In 735,he wrote Invitation to Wine in which he revealed his love of drink was due to his disappointment in his career.After the death of his first wife,he move with his children to East Lu(present-day Shangdong Province).Famed for his poetry,he was summoned to the capital in 742 to write poems and songs for the emperor and his favorite mistress of which the best-known are the three stanzas on The Beatufiful Lady Yang.In 744,he left Chang'an for Luoyang where he met Du Fu and a warm friendship and exchange of poems began that lasted lifelong.In 746,he traveled in the south and wrote Mount Skyland Ascended in a Dream which,according to S.Obata,might rival Coleridge's Kubla Khan in its transcendent beauty and imaginative power,but which was written more than one thousand years earlier.In 753,he visited Xuan-cheng(in present-day Anhui Province) and wrote many poems in the pavilion of Xia Tiao.In 755,An Lushan raised the standard of rebellion,and Li Bai was called to join the loyal forces led by Prince Yong in an attempt to resist the rebels.His political aspirations revived and he wrote this Songs of Eastern Expedition of Prince Yong.When the prince was defeated,he was banished to Ye-lang(in present-day Guizhou Province) until an amnesty(大赦)was declared in 759.When he regained his liberty,he wrote his joyful quatrain Leaving the White Emperor Town for Jiangling.In 760,the revisited the Lu Mountains(in present-day Jiangxi Province) and wrote the Song of Mount Lu which manifests his conversion to Taoism.In 762,he died at the age of sixty-two,chanting his last poem "On Death bed".


Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai, a child does not like reading. One day, the teacher is not in the house, quietly sneak out to play.

He came to a small river mountain, see an old woman, in the stone grinding an iron pestle. Li Bai was very puzzled, asked: "the old lady, what do you Tiechu?"

The old woman said: "I was grinding." Li Bai surprised to ask: "oh! Tiechu so thick, how can a needle?" The wife said with a smile: "as long as every day more grinding mill Tiechu always thinner, even not a needle grinding?"

Clever Li Bai after listen to, think of themselves, ashamed heart, turned around and ran back to the house. From then on, he kept in mind "Little strokes fell great oaks. Zhen" truth, hard study.



Li Bai was a romantic poet in Chinese history.He was born in Tang dynasty.He had written a lot of poems and some of them were famous until now.Even children can recite his poems 字数燃锋野毁有限皮脊晌,参考下



赠 汪 伦

李 白

李白乘舟将欲行,忽闻岸上踏歌声。 桃槐轮物花潭水深千尺,不及汪伦送我情。

To Wang Lun

I’m on board; We’re about to sail,

When there’s stamping and singing on shore;

Peach Blossom Pool is a thousand feet deep,

Yet not so deep, Wang Lun, as your love for me.


1. 不得照抄短诗原文;

2. 必须结合短诗的内容,发挥想象, 适当展开;

3. 必须突出短铅液诗主题,结构完整,语意边贯;

4. 短文不能写成诗歌形式;

5. 词数:100左右.

To Wang Lun is written by Li Bai who among other poets stands out in the halls of glory.

One day, Li Bai goes on abroad. He is about to sail when there’s stamping and singing on shore.

Oh! Here comes Wang Lun to see him off, who is Li Bai’s best friend. Li Bai is very excited to see his best friend at this leaving moment. But he is sad, either. So he can’t say a simple sentence. He knows that words can’t express their friendship. Although the Peach Blossom Pool is one thousand feet deep, it can’t match Wang Lun’s love for him.

I love this poem, because it makes me realize that friendship is valuable and we need true friendship. I hope everyone can find true friends.


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